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As part of our sustainability pledge to discuss best practices openly and honestly, we share insights that allow others to effect change in their community. While companies have responsibility to drive change internally, we believe they also can add to their insights and impact by sharing their experience with others.

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Destination Sustainability: How to Tell Your Story

Jul 15, 2010   //   by Colin Manuel   //   Leadership, Marketing & Communication  //  No Comments

You get it. After months of meetings, debate and analysis, you’re finally taking your first steps toward becoming a more socially and environmentally responsible company. Now that you’ve charted a course, how will you share your motivations and actions with the world?

Why You Should Communicate Early and Often

  1. Gain credibility by sharing the good and the bad – MolsonCoors recently announced the results of their sustainability initiative.  Compared to the year prior, MolsonCoors increased water use by 3%, but lowered emissions by 15%. This is exactly the kind of honest self-evaluation that lends you credibility.
  2. Grow your impact by inspiring others by your example – Many say that Patagonia wrote the book on sustainable business. Today, Patagonia is teaching Wal-Mart how to apply their sustainability practices on a larger scale. Who can you partner with as either teacher or pupil?
  3. Attract investors passionate about sustainable businesses – When it comes to long-term return, shareholders increasingly turn to sustainable businesses. Socially and environmentally responsible companies offer lower risks compared to “business-as-usual” firms.


Employee Performance: Does Purpose Trump Money?

Jun 15, 2010   //   by Colin Manuel   //   Company Culture  //  No Comments

Sustainability programs offer better motivation than financial incentivesAre you getting the most from your employees? If you rely on financial incentives alone to boost results, you may be doing more harm than good. To improve employee performance, you must pay as much attention to your company’s culture as your economic indicators.

When Money Misses the Target

People are motivated by a lot of factors. While money is the most universal and quantifiable motivator, it turns out to be one of the most detrimental.


How to Restart your Stalled Sustainability Project

Jun 7, 2010   //   by Colin Manuel   //   Project Management  //  No Comments

How to restart your sustainability projectSuccess is measured by what you finish, not by what you begin. There’s plenty of advice on how to start making your business more socially and environmentally responsible. But how do you get sustainability re-started once your momentum falters?

Ingredients for Sustainability: Perseverance, Endurance, and Resilience

When it comes to rebounding in the face of defeat, nobody does it better than Mother Nature. Hurricanes, volcanoes and droughts – the ecosystems inevitably find a way forward.

In launching your sustainability initiative, take inspiration from nature’s resilience. Commit yourself to pick up the pieces and rebuild your vision regardless of the obstacles.  After all, it’s better to crawl toward the finished line than it is to give up with the goal in sight.

4 Steps to Restart your Sustainability Project Today

  1. Identify and Reflect on Problem Causes
    • Failure is often a symptom of the unique circumstances you face. Reflect on what went wrong where and decide how you can tailor social and environmental goals to better fit your particular situation.
  2. Re-Motivate Yourself
    • If you can’t picture success, you’ll have difficulty motivating others to join your team. View your past troubles as the price for renewed wisdom and personal growth. Imagine how success will feel and spread that vision with conviction.
  3. Engage Detractors Early and Often
    • Who was your biggest detractor for your last project? Bring them on board for a new perspective on what went wrong and why. You may not like what you hear, but at least you know what you’re up against. Greater engagement and transparency may even win a convert to your cause.
  4. Simplify and Aim High
    • What can you realistically achieve in the short term? Are there any salvageable results from your previous attempt? Can you identify quick wins that build to big goals? By keeping expectations in line with reality, you’ll gain the support necessary to drive the larger, long-term sustainability program to completion

What challenges have you experienced in launching your sustainability projects? Were you able to overcome the obstacles?

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