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Supply Chain Sustainability: Where’s Your Weakest Link?

Jul 23, 2010   //   by Colin Manuel   //   Metrics & ROI, Operations Management, Project Management  //  No Comments

Is your supply chain built to last? When you’re developing a sustainability strategy, the tendency to look inward is strong. But the social and environmental impacts of your supply chain are even stronger. So how do you monitor actions that take place outside of your company’s walls?

Supply Chain Sustainability: A Worthy Challenge

Supply chain sustainability isn’t easy, but it is vitally important. When properly executed, a sustainable supply chain allows you to squeeze more efficiencies out of production, track the performance of hundreds of suppliers and make a social and environmental impact around the world.

Supply Chain Audit: A Competitive Advantage


5 Tools to Get the Most Bang for your Sustainability Buck

Jun 29, 2010   //   by Colin Manuel   //   Energy, Metrics & ROI  //  No Comments

5 tools to calculate ROI on your sustainability initiativeWhen you’re handed a crowded menu, it’s difficult to find the dish that delivers the most flavor for your dollar. The same is true when it comes to making choices to become a more sustainable company.

Not All Initiatives are Created Equally

From waste reduction to social engagement, there are countless paths to explore on your journey to sustainability. By focusing on a project that delivers the biggest Return on Investment (ROI) in the shortest time, you can launch into the first of a series of successful initiatives.

5 Sustainability Tools to Get Real ROI, Real Fast

  1. Lighting — Replace switches with motion detectors and invest in new LED and fluorescent technology for long-term savings. Lighting Pay-off Calculator.
  2. Packaging — Think lighter and smarter and you’ll fit more product into fewer shipments. Packaging Assessment Tool.
  3. Electricity — Measure your electricity usage to pinpoint where and how much you can save. Energy Monitoring Tools.
  4. Water — Encourage employees to drink from water fountains instead of plastic bottles. Commercial Water Calculator.
  5. IT — Encourage employees to telecommute and swap airports for video conferencing. Video Conferencing Calculator.

Small Success Leads to Large-Scale Change

Pick at least one initiative to focus on, carry it through and quantify it for your leadership and other stakeholders. After your initial success, you’ll find that you have even more support for even larger projects.