Why Should I Care About CSR? (Because Gen-Y Employees Do)

Mar 2, 2011   //   by Bradley Short   //   Blog, Company Culture, Investors & Stakeholders, Leadership, Operations Management  //  2 Comments

Do you want to see Gen-Yers do amazing things for your company?  Embrace a culture of corporate social responsibility and we’ll take your business to new heights.

Our previous two blogs have been about how The Three Cs (Community, Credibility, and CSR) are your keys to effectively recruiting top Generation-Y talent. You’ve seen how Gen-Yers like me want Community in the workplace and require our employers to be Credible.  In this third and final segment, you’ll learn how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) gets Gen-Y excited and motivates us to give our very best efforts for you.



Corporate Social Responsibility: A company is more than just a company


Workers in my generation get excited when our employers take an active role in bettering the communities around us and society as a whole.  But you can’t just put out a few recycling bins and expect a Gen-Yer to think that you’re doing your part.  A pervasive and effective corporate social responsibility initiative will show us that the company’s work is truly beneficial and worthy of our time and talents.  Actively communicate your long-term commitment to some sort of social cause, be it environmental stewardship, public health, a diverse workplace, etc. (or better yet, all of the above!)  You’ll have Gen-Yers flocking to your company, ready work as hard as we can.

We don’t expect you to be perfect and want to know about your shortcomings as well as your triumphs.  Engage Gen-Yers in your CSR efforts by showing us your weaknesses and asking us for ideas of how to make you better.  Not only will it show us that our opinions are valued within the organization, but our new perspective could lead to a breakthrough that makes the company more responsible AND more profitable.

“The Three Cs:” Your Way to Generation Y


Stick to these three tenets and you will have a real advantage over your competitors when you look to hire employees from the Gen-Y talent pool.  Show us that your company is a Community, where their individuality and ideals will be celebrated.  Maintain your Credibility by always being up-front and honest about what the company does.  And help us find out about your CSR program allows our hard work and talent to build value that we can be proud of.

Gen-Y is ready to make waves in the business world.  Follow The Three Cs to get us on your team and we’ll take your business to places you’ve only dreamed of.

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